Swatch Sunday: Mac Retro Matte and CND Shellac

Starting today, I’m planning on posting some swatches every Sunday. More and more I am buying my make up online, but it can be really difficult to get an idea of the colours you’re buying, therefore I rely heavily on swatches that … Continue reading

What’s going on here?

I really like to write, but I have to be feeling really passionate about what I am writing about at that point in order to be able to ficus long enough to complete a full post. This blog has countless drafts that never quite got finished, which bugs me a lot. Perhaps it’s a time thing… my average working day is 12.5hrs when you include travel so my brain is pretty much done by the time I’m home, BUT. I really want to make the effort this year, and perhaps if I say it, Im more likely to do it, I would really like to do a post a month – its not too much to ask hey!

Got some great plans this year, currently embarking on a weight loss journey (again), Waist training, off the the Caribbean in a few weeks, epic 3.5 week trip in November and hopefully plenty of other adventures in between… so plenty to say soon… and let it be soon hey!


I’m still here

Yes, yes, I know, yet another blog Ria starts then disappears, but this one, I promise I am NOT abandoning!

…excuses, yes, plenty of them, and most are quite valid as well, I won’t bore you but an awful breakup, depression, and now a rapidly creeping deadline are amongst some of them!

Although, I have at least 10 posts in my drafts  -not useful to you I know.

Anyways, soon enough I will have the time an inclination again…. until then….!