Primark Haul Spring 2017: Beauty & Accessories


Last week I made a quick lunch-time dash to primark. I will list the reasons below why this was a bad idea:

1) One hour is not long enough to get ther, shop and get back
2) You end up doing a trolley dash, flinging anything and everything in your basket
3) Becaue of this you spend to much
4) You’ll be a sweaty mess

But anyway, lesson learnt, and the stuff I came back was actually quite good, so I thought I would share my haul with you, starting with make up and beauty.


At the moment, as you walk into the Tottenham Court Road branch of Primark, you can’t miss the giant display of make up that they have moved onto the ground floor, presumably to highlight their new PS Pro range. The PS Pro range is a little bit more expensive than the PS products, but ultimately, still cheap as chips. Along with this they also had a whole bunch of products I didn’t realisePrimark did so I grabbed a few.

I’m finding as we hit that in between winter/spring, can’t make it’s mind up weather, I’m always wearign too much or too little- mainly too much, I then get hot and bothered and my make up slides off of my face, so picked up the above primer. I don’t use primer so much recenlt since I ran out of Smashbox Photo Finish whuch was a favourite of mine, so I am up for giving this far more econoimal version a try!

I’ve also never bought Micellar Water, just because it seems too expensive, but again, £2 for 430ml, it’s worth a try. In the above photo is also a highlighter, I am on a mission right now to find once I like, so have been trying a few, I will blog about the ones I’ve tried so far soon.


Now brushes, I needed a new Kabuki brush so grabbed this one. But the other one? I’ve been seeing a lot of these sorts of brushes around but not at a price I’ve wanted to hand over my cash to try, until now, and oh boy am I happy! I bought the biggest one, this is probably the most expensive in the range too at a whole £4! I have been using it every day to apply my liquid foundation, and it now goes on brilliantly! In the past I’ve tried a flat brush as recommended to me by benefit, one of those egg sponges, and a round flat ended brush, but this is the best. The brush is super smooth and it feels like it is buffing in the foundation beautifully, giving a lovely flawless finish, I can’t wait to go back to buy another for blending around my eyes and one for my highlight/contour.


As I just mentioned, I am on a mission to find a nice highlighter, this is another one I grabbed, I think it was only a few ££s, again, I’ll do a round up of highlighters another day.


I bought this facial brush, so you don’t have to, nice idea but it’s terrible, it is harsh on the skin and it doesn’t even feel like it’s doing its job!


This clutch-bag though!! in the top pic you’ll see it’s one piece, but there’s not a reason why you couldn’t use just the black bit, or the insert even. It’s a good size for a few essentials, and the grab handle makes it super-easy to keep hold of, I didn’t need this, but like I said, I was in a rush and I impulse bought it, and well, it won’t be going back ok!

I bought a couple of necklaces and some fabric stacking bracelets. The bottom gold chunky necklace was a replacement for one I already owned that became discoloured. Be careful with cheap jewellery, I highly suspect it was perfume, but the old one had a silver patch on it where the gold colour had come off, talking of silver, this does also come in a silver colour if you prefer.


And finally, Sunglasses! I used to always be about the 2/3/400 pound designer ones, but you know what, the build quality really isn’t much different in some styles. My preference is usually a black plastic frame, the third one down in this image is a pair I bought from primark several years running before they suspended the style for a couple of years, I had a stock which only recently ran out so am over the moon they brought it back, I have this pair in several different colours too.

I like to chuck sunglasses in my bag and on my head, and not having to take care of these suits me. Honestly, the build quality between these and a similar style Micheal Kors pair I have, really isn’t much different, the lens of my MK pair just pops out on occasion! And for £1-2  pair I can afford to have a style for each occasion. I stocked up on about 5 more pairs of my favourite, just in case…..

I’ll be back soon with some highlighter swatches.

Have a great weekend!

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