Oreo Thins: They Suck


Thought I’d take a moment to save you some money on buying Oreo thins, think of this as me making the mistake so you don’t have to! (plot spoiler; they’re crap)

Nope, not quite on the diet as planned, I’ve been sick the last 3 weeks with one thing after the next so sometimes I just can’t do it, sometimes you just need comfort right?! Just settling in my bed with a Lemsip, blanket, and Oreo’s, so rock and roll!

So after being lured by the beautiful technicolor ads, I popped into the local convenience store on the way home and picked up some, I also picked up a pack of regular Oreos, for fair comparison right? First of all, pack vs pack they are THREE times the price – OK regular Oreos are half price at the moment, but aren’t they half the price most of the time anyway? So that’s £1.13 (weird pricing Tesco!) for the thins, vs 54p for the regular. Pack weight is 96g vs 154g so my pigeon maths tells me that is about 50% extra biscuit (yes biscuit, not cookie, I’m British!) for about 50% less cost by buying the bigger ones – which translates to £1.13/100g vs 35p/100g, I know I said already but THREE TIMES the price for less? Okay okay, maybe their worth it?


Nope, no they’re not. The box is nice I guess, and they come split into 2 smaller foil sealed bags, a portion per bag? No, 4 is apparently a portion, but I could probably eat a whole pack of these before noticing what I had done, they’re just so… non-plus. I guess the thinness brings an air of decadence to the humble Oreo, maybe similar to those Cadbury snaps – remember those? They weren’t around long, they completely nose dived – but I think that was in the days before Mondalez owned them.

To the biscuit itself – The best way to describe it is an Oreo who’s been on a diet – you’ve got your curvy voluptuous Oreo and it’s size 6 friend who took dieting a bit too far.  They sucked every bit of joy from it, and the only way to get over the pain? Shove a big ol’ regular Oreo in your mouth and pretend the whole ‘thin’ thing never happened.

Good night!


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