Christmas Homeware Haul 2016

Hello, Happy (almost) Christmas! I will be blogging about my recent trip soon, but we returned 2 December, and Christmas was full-on happening, so I couldn’t help but get swept up in it all. Now, after last year, I have enough Christmas decorations, so, up until a week ago was feeling quite proud of myself for not buying any more, until this weekend happened….oops?

But bargains, so many bargains! I love a deal, I think I’ve already mentioned I pretty much refuse to pay full price for anything, so when I found a few decs that complemented what I had already, at fantastic prices, what could I do?! …Yes yes, walk away, but no, no I didn’t!

First up is this beauty, I ordered this off of Amazon a while ago for an amazing £5.26, it does come from China so there’s about a 2-3 week wait for it to arrive, but for the price and the quality of product it’s worth the wait. No it’s not some iffy shiny heart cushion, I am responsible for this design, for the purpose of demonstration (shh!), it’s in fact a mermaid sequin cushion (cover). This cushion has 2 different colours each side of the sequins meaning you can flip the colours to your heart’s content, very therapeutic! I’ve seen these pop up on Instagram a few times and it is exactly like the videos (see mine below). In hindsight I’m not sure I chose the right colours, as a gold/white combo would go better with my current decor, but no problem, I’ll order a couple more, as they come in plenty of options.

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At the top of the page you can see my new light box, another item from Amazon, a gift from my mum actually, and well done mum, spot on, I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. This one is £19.88, it’s not the cheapest, but it’s not just for Christmas after all. Ignore the odd images on the page, it is a very sturdy unit that runs on either batteries or via USB (remove the batteries if you use the USB), and it looks great. It appears to have plenty of letter but apparently you can buy extras if you need them.

Next a few items from an impromptu trip to Homebase. I bought my tree from Homebase last year and I always find that if you look in the right place, they can have some lovely decorations too. Above is a cream textured cushion which cost £8. Most of the other decorations were already discounted when I visited last weekend, so I also picked up these penguin, polar bear, and LOVE letter ornaments all for £1-3 each.

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I also took a look in B&M, honestly a lot of the decorations in there are tat, bit I found this sequin heart which is about 40cm, again, for about £3! You’ve probably realised by now that if it’s gold, white, or sparkly, it makes the cut.

Finally I found these glittery gold stags in Waitrose, who are always really good for decorations. Their range is small, tasteful as their John Lewis counterparts, but often a less expensive. I bought the smaller of the two for £4 (full price) the other day, then the large one today for £6 (reduced from £8), a lot of places are selling these this year if you can’t find them in there, you’ll get one somewhere.

That’s all for decs this year, I won’t bore you with the rest (a few more baubles here and there), but looking to next year, I have this cute diary that my mum bought me from Next, I took the price off but I think it was about £5, sparkly gold of course :-).

All that is left to do now is to wish you a very Happy Christmas! It’s been an interesting year, so let’s thank God (literally) for the 4 days we’re soon to have off to relax, put our feet up and enjoy time with loved ones. Enjoy.



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