Off on a Magical Mystery Tour


A mystery cruise to be more precise! Once again I am privileged to be tagging along with my friend Cruise Miss on another cruise holiday. This time we are sailing with Saga,  I am very lucky to be invited to sail with Saga as,  obviously Danielle or I are not old enough to officially holiday with them. This is my second trip on Saga Sapphire and I am very excited.


Where are we going? Well, that’s the joy of it,  we don’t know! It’s a mystery cruise,  meaning we won’t know where we are going until we wake up wherever that is each day (oh Lord please let it be somewhere sunny).
For 24 nights we are at the mercy of Captain Rentell’s whim, but not to worry, this is his last mystery cruise before his upcoming retirement from the helm so there is no doubt that it’s going to be a goody.

From the Saga website:

A voyage full of suspense and intrigue

For a sense of real adventure, join Captain Rentell on his final Saga mystery cruise. There will be more intrigue than ever before as this is our longest mystery cruise to date. To make it even harder to guess where you’ll cruise to next, Captain Rentell is also throwing the usual rulebook out the porthole! All that’s certain is you’ll be kept in suspense right until the moment Saga Sapphire docks at each port – and you’re sure to have lots of fun guessing as you cruise to new and distant horizons.

What an absolutely awesome adventure of a lifetime! Of course I am a little nervous,  I’m a complete control freak,  I love to plan and have everything in place so this is completely out of my comfort zone.

Fortunately this is a return trip from Southampton,  meaning I’m not restricted on luggage, so can pack for all eventualities.

I’d love to share this adventure with you, so the plan is to blog from each port, even if it is just a quick check in to tell you where we are.

The adventure begins in just under 4 weeks time,  so will check in again then!


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