Swatch Sunday: Mac Retro Matte and CND Shellac

MAc retro matte liquid lip colour - Quite the Standout, CND Shellac - Lobster Roll

Starting today, I’m planning on posting some swatches every Sunday. More and more I am buying my make up online, but it can be really difficult to get an idea of the colours you’re buying, therefore I rely heavily on swatches that other people have uploaded, so I figured it may be helpful to share my swatches too!

Today I am sharing two products with you, CND Shellac in Lobster roll on my nails and Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour in the shade Quite the stand out.

MAc retro matte liquid lip colour - Quite the Standout, CND Shellac - Lobster Roll

I’m completely in love with both these colours right now and as it happens they match quite beautifully together. Matte lip colours are my preference as they last so well and the colours pop, I can forget they are there unlike wet and sticky alternatives. I actually bought 3 of the MAC products from this range, I’ll swatch those in coming weeks. Up until now my favourite ever lip colour was MAC lip colour in Candy Yum Yum, but this one is a close contender, It’s a very wearable red and I often struggle with red shades.

MAc retro matte liquid lip colour - Quite the Standout

On my nails I am wearing CND Shellac in Lobster roll. Again I sometimes struggle with reds but this is muted enough for every day yet still pops, it’s very wearable. I do my own Shellac, up until recently I used a cheaper alternative which I did love until I developed an allergy to it, but since using the genuine product all has been well. Please excuse my dry-looking cuticles, I really should moisturise more!

CND Shellac - Lobster Roll

Have a good week everyone!


R x

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