Swatch Sunday: Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick

Avon Matte: Pure pink and peach flatters

Good Morning (well, probably afternoon by the time I hit the ‘publish’ button)! It’s a bit cloudy here but never the less there is a bit more daylight today which makes me feel a bit more perky!



I may have mentioned in a few weeks I’m off on holiday to the Caribbean. I love hot countries, however the residents also love me, and by residents I mean mosquitoes. The past few years I’ve been lucky enough to visit these countries with the safely of a cruise ship to whisk me away from land of an evening, so haven’t been bitten for a while, but when I do get bitten – oh boy do I get bitten. They swell up like a bitch and I look like I have some sort of infectious disease (note to self: add antihistamines to packing list). On the other hand I simply detest the smell of deet, I remember a week-long visit to Barbados a few years ago, spraying the stuff on me and having to escape my room as I swear the stuff was suffocating me!

So whilst putting together my packing list I remembered I need to get something to stop the mossies feasting on me, and I remembered a conversation with my friend Danielle (visit her cruise blog, she’s pretty awesome!) and her mentioning an Avon product that wasn’t meant for mossies but apparently worked.

Avon MatteI’ve not bought from Avon in many years as I often found their make-up to look good on the surface but not live up to my expectation. I went on their website to find the mossie stuff (which I now know to be Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Spray) and an advert at the top of their sit advertising their matte lipstick as ‘more matte than MAC’ immediately caught my attention, and since I was ordering anyway I thought I would try a couple.

I am a huge fan of MAC matte lipsticks, they’re long-lasting and I can’t feel them on my lips which I love, so I’m curious to see how these weigh up against them. At £5.50 each it’s worth a punt.

I thought I was going for some fairly neutral colours after watching the video on their website several tines over, I’ve just bought 3 MAC retro matte in brighter colours so made sense,  but nah, not quite.

Below from top to bottom is Pure pink, Peach flatters, then MAC Rich and restless for comparison – since I realised they’re actually very similar colours (oops).

Avon Matte: Pure pink and Peach flatters & MAC Rich and restlessI’ve not had the opportunity to properly try these but I have worn the pure pink and my immediate observations are:

– You have to put a lot on to get good coverage
– It doesn’t feel dry like MAC, it’s quite moisturising
– Because of the above, it doesn’t stay put!

 AVON Peach flatters    AVON Pure pink

So the main reason I love the MAC matte products is their longevity, which Avon sadly doesn’t have. But if you don’t mind reapplying the colours so still look good, they just aren’t as pigmented as MAC – which honestly you couldn’t expect for the price. You can see this below where I have tried to remove them, the MAC doesn’t want to go!

Avon Swatch removal vs MAC

…I’ll let you know how it goes with the mossie stuff when I get back!



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