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Body wrap

I’m on holiday countdown, in a few weeks time I will be in Antigua doing absolutely nothing but sitting in the sun, swimming, reading and sipping rum.

Of course this sounds lovely and I can’t wait, apart from one small problem… I have gained (excuse my language) a shit-tonne of weight, and realistically one can’t hide under loads of clothes in those sort of temperatures!

I only decided I was going a couple of weeks ago, which didn’t leave me with much time to do anything about it! So as I typically do, I am throwing everything I possibly can at shifting a few lbs and changing my body shape a little.

I’m under no disillusionment here, I won’t be a slender beauty in a few weeks time, but I am certainly making the effort to feel a little better about myself. Rome wasn’t built in a day hey, and when I last lost weight in 2013 it took me a food 6 months of major dieting on Cambridge weight plan to shift 5 stone and 5 dress sizes. I put it all back on, and more, but not because of the way it was lost, because of some horrible life events, depression etc etc, don’t diss the plan – it works if you follow it correctly!

Anyway I digress. Currently I am back on the Cambridge Weight Plan, a couple of weeks in, so far so good. I am also waist training in the evenings/nights – I will push this to the day at some point but currently the way my waist trainer fits it has a tendency to ride up and get a little ouch in the middle, so I’ll save that until it fits a little better! I am trying to hula hoop with a weighted hoop for 10mins a day, and also using my Slendertone abs every day for half an hour – sadly the bottom one i have doesn’t fit me any more! – So yeah, I’m throwing the kitchen sink at this! if i could come out of it with more shape and a tad more of an hourglass figure I’ll be happy.

But, my thighs! My upper arms! All of which on show in swimwear dammit! What else can I do? Weight loss/cellulite wraps! GREAT! Nah… I’m not spending all that money! BUT… I love a bit of DIY, and that’s exactly what I’m doing!

After some googling, I came across this wonderful article which I found very useful in where to start, so taking their information I put together a recipe to target what I want (I again threw the kitchen sink at it),  got onto Amazon, ordered my supplies and off I went. I am wanting to lose inches and target cellulite, but take a look at the link above to see what is best for you.

here’s what happened…..

What I used:

– Coconut oil
– Ground coffee (I ground my own beans until they were a texture that won’t hurt)

Wrap  Smudge (that’s what I’m calling it ok)
Kelp powder (1/2 cup)
Clay powder (1/2 cup)
– Green tea powder (I ground my own from some teabags I have) (2 -3 tbs)
– finely ground coffee (6 tbs)
– Milk powder (1/4 cup)
– Almond oil (2 tbs)
– Ginger powder (1 tbs)
Aloe Vera (enough to make the above into a good textured paste – about 1/2 cup)

– Cling film
– Towels

First I exfoliated with the coconut/coffee mixture – oh my god it smells divine. I LOVE coconut and coffee so this is a winner for me!

I made the wrap recipe up as I went along as far as measurements are concerned but it’s a good starter, this made enough for my thighs and belly.

Next I mixed all of the dry ingredients and then gradually added the wet mixing until I got a good texture. I must admit I did keep adding more and more coffee simply to try and disguise the smell of the kelp – I simply cannot stand it, it makes me gag – but it didn’t work. I did however persist and after a while I could no longer smell it.

I went in my bathroom and got cracking, I cannot stress enough that this needs to be done in the bath or shower – I didn’t and I made one hell of a mess.

I smothered it on my thighs and belly and wrapped myself with cling-film, then the intention was to also wrap myself in bandages but the bandage i bought only managed one thigh #fail.  I then proceeded to plonk myself in front of the telly for an hour with a blanket on me. Again – if you’re venturing out of the bathroom make sure it’s all covered and please sit on a towel – learn from my mistakes  – I left a trail of green sludge between my bathroom and living room! If you do however do this, don’t try to mop it up – let it dry then vacuum it.

After an hour I showered it off – making more mess – and… well, I have no idea to be honest but my skin felt nice, and it takes a few wraps to work right?

I’ve been seeing caffeine creams for this sort of thing recently too, so may try making my own coffee/green tea version – surely that wont be as messy?! Watch this space….





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