Christmas Homeware

From John Lewis (£4)

Stag decoration, John Lewis, £4

Hey everyone, Christmas isn’t far away, and this year is the first year I am actually living in my new apartment, and the first time I am having my own Christmas decorations, I won’t lie, the tree has already been up a few weeks already!

I’ve had a lot of good feedback about my decs, so thought I’d share them with you, and tell you where you can also buy a few bits and bobs.

My aim was to have a copper/rose gold and white theme, but as I went along this became more of a pale gold and white, with hints of rose as there’s not too much rose cold and copper stuff around to be had.

Stag Canvas, £7.99

Let’s start with cushions, I loath to say that I have gotten into a bit of a habit of trying to change the look of my living room seasonally – nto exactly on purpose, but the mint and pink thing I had going on a few months ago isn’t going to work for Christmas. It wasn’t particularly east to get cushions I like that fitted with my colours, but I’m quite pleased with what I ended up with, even if I do currently have half a zoo on my sofa. Left to right we have a photo cushion from  £19.50 – yes it has my face on it, it was originally a gift but the recipient is no longer around (long story) so I kept it, I sorta like it in the least vain way possible…. Next a white cushion with subtle gold sparkly bits, £7.99 from Dunelm,  then the next six – the wolf, stag, copper/gold design, racoon, fluffy white and cow cushions are all from Primark ranging between £4-£8 each, they are all this season apart from the cow (I think). I really must recommend the photo cushions from Tesco. I shopped around before buying these and they turned out to be the most reasonable (keep an eye out for special offers, they were recently BOGOF) and I couldn’t be more pleased with the print quality, and more importantly the feel and comfort of them. I fully intend of getting some more with Lily and Basil on when I find good enough photos of them to use. Oh and of course there’s always my friends who like to exclaim that they are ‘sitting on my face’. Ha.Moving on, I fell in love with this copper coloured glittery stag print the moment I saw it in Dunelm, and at a bargain £7.99 it was a no-brainer! I also picked up this glittery copper Merry Christmas garland for £3.99 – this is also available in gold, red, and I’m pretty sure I
saw silver in store as well.

Christmas Cushions

Christmas Cushions


Next I have this star light that I picked up in Ikea last year but never used, I was in two minds as to whether to use it as the gold is slightly brassy compared to my other bits, but it tuned out fine and actually looks pretty stunning. This year they have the same stars but they are more bronze which may fit better with my scheme but I’m not going to waste more money when this looks just fine. The lamp is £8, but you’ll also need a bulb which is £4. I also have this copper star light light for £14 (you also need batteries). I also picked up star cut-out candle holders  (£2.50 each) and used LED tealights (£6/8) in them which are great if you can’t keep an eye on regular candles, a quick tilt turns them on and off.

Merry Christmas Garland

Merry Christmas Garland, £3.99

Ikea wire star led light

Ikea wire star led light, £14

Ikea candlelight holder

Ikea candlelight holder, £2.50

Finally the pièce de résistance, my tree! I had originally planned to get a slimline tree from John Lewis, which are fab, but soon realised they are way too small for the space I have, so after about 3 weeks of deliberation – yes seriously – I went for this one at Homebase (£129.99)  Snowy trees arent usually my thing but this changed my mind, as did the £100 of vouchers from my TalkTalk deal that paid for most of it! Most of my baubles are from John Lewis and Waitrose with a few random ones from Homebase. Where possible I’ll give details – but be quick, it seems JL already have a lot of their Christmas decs on sale – Crazy!

Christmas tree

That leaves me to wish you a very merry Christmas – I’d love to say I will blog again before, but I’m still not very good at being regular, so let’s see! Enjoy these baubles!

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