Visiting a Princess, Part 1: Atrium and Spa

Recently I was lucky enough to tag along on a ship visit to Prince Cruises’ Royal Princess with my friend cruisemiss whilst it was in Southampton for the day.

I love travel, in particular cruising. With 10 cruises already under my belt and a few more in the pipeline I’m already quite the cruiser, however most of my experiences up until recently have been with P&O cruises, so I jumped at the opportunity to go and visit a Princess ship.

Princess are currently celebrating their 50 year anniversary and are marking it on board in a few special touches like 50th anniversary cocktail and special chocolate treats. Yum.

Over the coming weeks I’ll share some highlights of he ship with you. This ship is far too big (and I have way too many photos) to fit into one blog post…

The first thing you see when you step on board is the atrium. With 2 spiralling staircases and light gold toned decor it is certainly impressive and the sort of place you’de like to stroll around on formal night.

Royal Princess Atruim

Royal Princess Atrium

Bellini's cocktail bar and view of the Atrium

Bellini’s cocktail bar and view of the Atrium

Seating in the Atrium

Seating in the Atrium

Next we visited the Lotus spa, and oh my did I want to jump into the hydrotherapy pool right there and then. The lighting was serene and there were all sorts of different water jets, I’ve always been a ‘water baby’ (as my mum put it) so this was heaven for me, I’m not the sort to visit a spa, but I’d feel right at home here. Next to the pool there are heated stone beds and 4 showers which offer a different sensatory experience in each one, there’s Tropical Rain, Cold Mist, Rain Shower or Siberian Shower, ‘which also include dynamic mood lighting and aromas to enrich the experience’ Nice!

Hydrotherapy pool

Hydrotherapy pool

Heated stone beds

We moved on to another area of the spa, something I’ve not seen before,  private couples villas which can be hired out for your own personal spa space. In one of the two available villas you’ll find two treatment beds, a spa bath, a comfortable seating area, it was a lovely space but with prices starting from $449 (£289) for a couples 50 minute treatment, it’s certainly a treat activity – perfect for honeymooners perhaps!

Couple's Villa in the Lotus Spa

Couple’s Villa in the Lotus Spa

My first impressions of the ship were certainly good, it’s very grand and spangly, my most recent cruises have been on smaller ships so it was wonderful to step onto a big beauty like this again, I’m very glad it’s only three more weeks until I cruise again, visiting Royal Princess only worsened my withdrawal symptoms!

Next time I’ll show you some of the dining areas and the ship’s galley, until then…




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