Primark Homeware Haul

Stay awesome plaque

Stay awesome canvas plaque, £3

I love Primark! Yes, if you go at the wrong time it can be a messy jumble-sale hell hole full of ill-mannered people (customers) and screaming kids, BUT if you’re smart about when you shop it can be a great store with wonderful finds at fabulous prices!

The key is, go absolutely first thing – literally just after they have opened, or a couple of hours before closing, or if your store opens late during the week – go then – the store I go to opens until 8 four days a week, and it’s a pleasure to shop there any time after 4! the only exception to this is the run up to Christmas, but anyone who braves town at that time of the year is a hero (…or a fool) anyhow.

So I was really keen to get to Primark to get a few items from YouTuber Gabriella Lindley’s new homeware collection that she launched with them this week. Known as velvetgh0st, I first saw her channel when I was just buying my apartment and my friend mentioned she was doing some homeware hauls, I took a look and I really enjoyed her videos so have kept up with them ever since.  She may be 10 years my Junior but I often notice parallels in our life experience and tastes, too often I’ve noticed we have some very similar items in oI bur homes, completely coincidental, but from that you can imagine I was excited to hear she was bringing out her homeware collection, since I knew I’d love it!

Unfortunately my local Primark don’t seem to be stocking the whole range, which is a shame as I didn’t get all of the items I wanted from her collection, but never the less I got a couple of bits, and still didn’t manage to leave empty handed – in fact I thought I was going to break my back lugging 3 giant FULL bags back to my car!

I get bored very easily, as a child I was always reorganising my bedroom, and well, now I have a whole apartment to play that game in…. but not the funds! So I’m trying to be clever and make small changes to refresh things now and again, starting in my living room, I’ve now amassed seasonal cushions! A lot of the ones I had originally were dark colours, it’s summer, I wanted to brighten things up! I already had a few pink/mint/grey tone cushions, so was dead chuffed when Gabby’s collection used these colours as a base. I bought three cushions, one from Gabby’s collection and 2 others.

Primark Cushions

Cushions £5 each

Each of these cushions cost £5 each, I love that Primark cushions are so cheap as it allows me to change my mind regularly without breaking the bank. I couldn’t resist that little racoon’s face, and am a big fan of positive messaging like the middle one, then the third is the one from Gabby’s collection, the reverse has a black cat on it so you can turn it over and have something different.

Plaques £2 - £3 each

Plaques £2 – £3 each

I also went a bit mad with plaques and hangy-things, I sort-of had an idea of where each one would go as I picked them up but never the less, I probably still went a bit OTT! All of these were £3 each apart from the ‘Love’ one which was £2. I love the ‘Rant of the day’ chalkboard, I love the idea that once I chalk it down it’ll clear out of my head and off of my shoulders. That and the ‘Stay awesome’ one are destined for my office, the ‘Love’and ‘Life is beautiful’ will go great in my bedroom, and the coffee one I’d like to put somewhere near my coffee machine – perhaps near it in my dining area. The ‘follow your heart’ is tbc, I just like the sentiment.

'Happy girls are the prettiest' mirror, £3

‘Happy girls are the prettiest’ mirror, £3

I also wanted to share this little mirror with you, I bought it a couple of weeks ago but it is still available. It’s got the Audrey Hepburn quote ‘Happy girls are the prettiest’ I’ve hung it on the back of my front door so I see it when I leave the house.

Fleece £10

Fleece £10

I’m a big fan of Primark blankets and fleeces, they’re so snuggly! And at £10 this one was a little extravagant – oh hang on, the receipt says £7.90, result – but it tones in really well with my cushions so will leave it on my sofa in the living room.

I also picked up a plain white pop-up laundry bin for £3 since I don’t currently have one, and well, the floor isn’t appropriate storage for dirty laundry, especially for a 30 year old! I also got a plain cream voile for £3 since I hate closing my blinds at the moment, I want to get as much of that daylight as possible while it’s available, BUT I’m not sure the neighbours want to see me in bed, or more so, getting dressed! I don’t have a curtain poll but I’ll have a play with it and see if I get inspired!

Finally these mugs from Gabby’s collection. Oh I’m a sucker for a mug, I can’t help myself, but I just love these! I love a glass mug, it’s big, and it’s cute, so I got 2! Don’t you just love them?! I will certainly be drinking my coffee from these for now, they cost £2 each.

Glass mugs £2 each

Glass mugs £2 each

And that is all! Time to get back to my tidying, I’m giving the place an overhaul before my friend Danielle (AKA cruisemiss, check her out) comes to stay in a couple of weeks time! Can’t wait to see her!


R x

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