My New Phone


Early next week I will be taking delivery of a brand-spanking new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and I’m a little bit excited!

Unfortunately a combination of a maxxed out memory and the new Android Lollipop firmware update have upset my S4, it’s gotten slow, tired, and really needs to be retired poor little fella. But since I’m sentimental (even with tech it seems) I’ll be grabbing a new sim and keeping him nearby…. Whilst enjoying his shinier, curvier younger sibling!

I got my hands on one in a phone shop recently to check It was the one and then ordered online.  I’ve also ordered various covers and screen protectors separately which I will report back on in due course. The unfortunate problem if ordering accessories for a phone what was only released a day ago is that none have reviews so it’s pot luck as to what you will get – I personally rely heavily on consumer reviews before purchasing, hence me ending up 4 covers and 2 screen protectors!

So I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to tell you all about it and hopefully recommend some great accessories.




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