WhatsApp is now on your computer




I’m one of these people who detests typing on their phone, I’ve pretty much forced anyone who I communicate regularly with to use Google Hangouts since it means that whenever I am on a computer I can reply using a proper keyboard.

I kept hoping WhatsApp would do something online too as it’s my secondary form of communication… after a bit of searching it seems that some third parties used to do something however it came at a risk of being banned from WhatsApp and wasn’t too secure either so I steered clear.  So I was very pleased this week to see an update that now brings WhatsApp to your web browser.

It was as simple as navigating to web.whatsapp.com on my browser, opening WhatsApp on my phone, Menu-WhatsAppWeb then scanning the QR code shown onscreen with my phone…

BOOM, within no more than 2 seconds all my messages were on my computer screen. HAPPY DAYS!

Official info here

Oh and sorry Apple people – Doesn’t work for you…. Android only 🙂 Mwah ha ha haaaa.

…And yes, I am a geek sometimes and I don’t even care!

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