Valentines homeware bits and bobs

Good morning! Happy weekend! I’m in such a good mood a I has the last two days off, so my mind was in the ‘go back to work tomorrow’ zone but I’ve got a whole other weekend to do still, wahoo!

Went for a spot of shopping yesterday with Mum, I didn’t set out for anything apart from a bin for my bedroom since at the moment my dressing table is awash with used cotton wool, remover wipes and cotton buds  – not cool.  Anyway I may have come back with a bit more than that, Ikea ensnared me, as did a few other shops with their seasonal displays, I’m a visual merchandiser’s dream!

Valentines day is less than a week away now, I’m not the biggest fan of this occasion as I do feel it’s a bit forced, a bit commercial – however, I am a complete hypocrite as I would still be very happy to receive a valentine, and I love (some of) the things you can get this time of year – pink, hearts, need I say more?!

Over the past couple of days there have been a few Valentines themed bits I simply couldn’t resist, so I thought I would share…

Silverlight waffle makerI have wanted a waffle maker for EVER but never found a cheap one, or could justify spending more because waffles are hardly a necessary are they! BUT, In Lidl this week, they have waffle makers for £12.99 – AND the waffles come out heart shaped!!! I’m aware of how girly/pathetic/whatever I sound right now, but this was a complete find! Next time I take a break from my health kick I’ll give waffles a crack and let you know how it goes.

Silvercrest Waffle maker, Aluminium non-stick plates, makes 4 waffles, sticks included (who eats waffle son a stick?!) 3 year warranty included:

I got lots of random boring house stuff in Ikea – the highlight possible being the feather duster (no, this isn’t for valentines day!), they didn’t really have much valentines stuff but they did have this mug which admittedly I bought the last time I went to Ikea, I’m pretty sure it cos no more than £1 and it’s mega cute.

Yes I know... I'm sat in the dark

Yes I know… I’m sat in the dark

In Waitrose they have some lovely, and always tasteful valentines gifts. One thing that I must recommend if you want your loved one to love you more, is Charbonnel et Walker truffles, yes they’re expensive but they’re oh-so worth it! Waitrose were trying to lure me into buying (myself) some by putting them there in front of me just as I walked through the door, no Ria, NO! I’ve tried the milk, caramel, Champagne, and pink Champagne in the past and I can recommend them all, buy those for your valentine and they will be a happy bunny!

I however avoided the sugary treats and found myself this cute little matching mug and snack bowl:

Valentines mug and bowl

I can’t resist a mug, they’re certainly a weakness for me, I fell in love with the subtle distressed look of these, perhaps a bit pricey for £5 each, but they’ll get used a lot so that is my justification!

Anyway, have a fab valentines day, and if it’s not your thing… pretend like it doesn’t even exist or go buy one of those valentines meal deals and eat the whole thing yourself, why not, you deserve it!





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