Nail polish addict

I have an addiction. I’m not proud, but it is what it is, and to be completely honest with you I’m not ready to fight it just yet either.

….And so instead, I am embracing it! The irony of it all…. I barely paint my nails as I just don’t have the patience to wait for it to dry! Anyway….

My poor little polishes have been shut away in a draw for too long, so when I moved house I took the opportunity to set them free!! So now with the help of 10 Ribba picture ledges from Ikea at a bargainous £4.90 each, I now have the pleasure of perusing these beauties whilst in the bath and on the toilet (TMI? meh, it’s true).

Nail polish storage

And as if I don’t have enough already I have a Nails inc. order coming in the next few days, of course I will also share that with you! Hope you’re all enjoying 2015 so far!


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