Getting some new metal!

Hello! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend – I can’t believe how quickly this one has gone, but I do at least feel like I have accomplished something, I’ve moved a few more boxes and bags to my new apartment and given the place a big tidy, I’m certainly making progress.

So yesterday, on impulse I went and got 4 holes punched in my ears! I’d been quite liking some images I have seen online of triple forward helix piercings for a while, so I thought hey, why not! They look ever so pretty with 3 different sized sparkly studs in.  I do like to do thinks like this on impulse, so off I went into town. The fourth hole… Well I can’t resist a bargain and they were BOGOF so I got a cartridge piercing in the other ear too – I’ve probably wanted that since I was about 12, and had even tried doing myself several times as a teen with no success…. so why not hey!


In hindsight I probably should have got the piercer to take some photos as we went along, but at the time I was just focusing on getting through it. Never the less I thought I’d share my experience for anyone who may be considering getting something similar done.

I went to Asgard southampton, it was a logical choice for me as I had used them before (be it about 10 years ago) and they were very good, their Facebook page  is also full of positive reviews, and great customer service to anyone making enquiries with them so they still looked like a good choice.

They have moved location slightly since I last visited and I have to say their new premises is much nicer than the last. A light coloured shop with a waiting are with sofas and display cabinates showing all the different jewellery you can adorn your piercing with. I’m sure they probably have folders with tattoo designs in as well and who knows what else, but to be honest I was more focused on getting in there and getting the job done.

I walked up to the counter and let them know what I wanted done, and they checked to make sure that is doable on my anatomy, before giving me a form to fill out with a few personal details and medical questions. I filled out the form, paid my money (it was £50 for the 4) and they laid me into a room behind the counter.

The room was lovely and clean, yet not clinical, there were a few photos of their work, a leather bed and a mirror behind it to look in after, and a trolley holding all of their ‘tools’ .  I sat on the bed and the piercer, Lauren  (I hope that was her name), sanitised the locations of the future piercings and marked out their locations with ink to check I am happy. Once agreed I laid down on my back with my head to the side and got cracking.

First my ear was sprayed with a freezing spray – I had forgotten they do this, I find it quite unpleasant, but I’m sure the process would be much worse without it. Now I asked her what she was doing as she did it but I’ll be honest and say I did zone out after a little while as I was focusing on keeping calm. But from what I can gather, a needle goes, in and leaves a carrier (this is probably the wrong term but it’s what I’ll call it), which then facilitates the jewellery going in which is then removed. Anyway after a bit of tugging, and a bit of ouch she asked me how I am, I was feeling a bit off colour so I asked to stop a minute for some water, which before I knew it was in a cup in my hand (what a superstar!). At this point I was a bit worried, I was feeling a bit faint, and if this was how it was going to go after each on,e we’d be here forever – however, I didn’t realise she had actually already done the first 3! I definitely didn’t feel 3, I was convinced it was only one, so I was pretty happy about that, but before I could be happy I needed to stop myself from fainting! Lauren could see what was happening and swiftly offered me a choice of 3 lollipops and a red bull! I had my eyes closed to stop the room from spinning so she picked me a lollipop and suggested I lay back down with my knees up, after a couple of  minutes the colour apparently came back into me and I was feeling human again, However my ear felt REALLY heavy. Well, it would as it still had the carriers in, which I imagine are quite large compared to the jewellery, so when I was calm again and she put the jewellery in it was like a second wave of relief, phew, done!

Then onto the other ear, I told her where I wanted it, and she suggested she mark the best place so that I don’t end up with a funny shaped ear! It was slightly higher than I had planned for but actually I really like where it is, so good call Lauren! This second one was very easy –  I was worried about it being really painful due to being cartilage but I couldn’t be any more wrong, I don’t know if you’ve ever left an ear lobe piercing too long and it’s healed a bit, and then that feeling when you put an earring in and it sort of ‘pops’ though? That’s how I’d describe it, I’d quite happily get more without the slightest worry.


And I was all done! I checked out my new mods in the mirror and signed the forms to say I was happy with her work, she gave me a care leaflet and off I went!

The bars I have in my ears are currently longer than I will eventually need since they put in larger ones to accommodate any potential swelling, I have been lucky and had none so far (1 day on). I did want pretty sparkly balls but unfortunately the ones they had in stock were too large so I figured I’d get more offline or when I get smaller bars for them.

I bought a bottle of Dettol antiseptic spray to clean it with, last night I sprayed it and gave it a quick poke with a cotton bud as they were a bit tight, but this morning I was able to move the jewellery in order to clean in front and behind more thoroughly. I’ll clean them twice a day and 3 times where possible.

Last night I slept with a scarf around my ears to avoid any germs or irritation getting in there, probably not necessary but it made me feel better.  I say slept… I did wake up a few times in pain, but not for long, and nothing a couple of paracetamol didn’t fix. I highly recommend paracetamol to ease the pain, I know it may be obvious but thought I’d mention it anyway.

If you want some more professional guidance on piercings, check out this page on the NHS which has some useful information on it.

I’m so happy with the service I received and the experience I had and would highly recommend Asgard to anyone in the Southapton or Winchester area, but if you’re elsewhere, do your research, find reviews, experiences, check the place is certified, and if you visit – make sure it feels right, if it doesn’t there’s probably a good reason, trust your instincts!


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