Winter sales Amazon Haul – kitchen, fashion and beauty

I can’t stop myself, when there is a bargain to be had, I’m there, I’m a super savvy shopper and you’ll learn the extent of that as you get to know me.

Anyways, in case you didn’t already know, pretty much all the way through since black Friday Amazon have been having Lightening deals– Timed offers on products with limited quantities – and I LOVE THEM!!!

boots!Back on Black Friday I bought these Rocket Dog Boots for the cracking price of under £30 – yes they are mullered, as I’ve pretty much been wearing them every day since I got them, but oh my they are so comfortable and go with EVERYTHING! I’de even pay full price for them I love them that much!

Then more recently they have been running what is still being called ‘Boxing day deals‘ – I’ve got me a bit of that action too….

I LOVE Joseph Joseph and since I am still in the process of kitting out my new flat, I have a perfectly valid excuse to be buying their kit when it’s been on a deal. So I present to you my shiny new chopping board set , and my super techy twisty-whisk! I’m in love since they came in at a bargain price of which I haven’t a clue since the invoices are so confusing – lets just say they were dead cheap. Having worked in food service once upon a time I understand the importance of having different boards for different foodstuffs, this handy set has a holder and each board has a separate tab and colour – 4 boards in total, one for raw meat, fish, veg, and cooked items – great for those hygiene-concious slightly OCD types like me!

You're's true!

You’re beautiful…it’s true!

Joseph Joseph Silicone WhiskAnd then the whisk. A silicone whisk is a must for me as I just cannot stand the sound of metal on metal, so I need this for when I’m making sauces, and sugary treats in my pans, or using my metal mixing bowl. The great thing about this one is that it is collapsible. a little twist of the handle and it stores flat – for someone like me who can get immensely frustrated with full draws and err…occidentally damage these sort of utensils, this will substantially prolong it’s little life! It also comes apart completely for washing, and is dishwasher proof – not that I can have a dishwasher – sore point? Yes, very much so!

Real TechniquesAnother black Friday pick was these lovely Real Techniques brushes,  I loved them this much that I just bought a slightly different set this week. My friend informs me that they are the brainchild of YouTube stars Sam and Nic Chapman – I won’t lie, I’ve not had a chance to check out their channel yet, but I will! Maybe I’ll do a post on them all at some point, I’ve never been a big brush user (I was more  of a slap-it-on-with-your-fingers girl) so I’m still learning to use them so I’m hardly in a position to have a proper view on them right now.

Anyway, you’re probably thinking why is she raving about all these deals that have been and gone already? Well the eagle eyed of us have noticed that a few products on the lightening deals seem to reappear a few times over so keep your eyes well and truly open as these lovely bargains might even come your way too! Just keep checking their Lightening deals page – they’re on until new years eve.

Edit (23 Jan ’15): I don’t know if they do this all the time but I’m still getting emails from Amazon with these sort of deals, there’s not quite as many as there were over Christmas but still some rather tempting offers

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