The Commute


So as I sit on the floor in the draughty doorway of my 5.35 commuter train from London I think to myself ‘what better time is there to start writing some posts for my new blog’.

So OK, here I go.

I commute to London a couple of days a week, and they are my favourite days of the working week. Yes, they are the longest days of the week too, a 13 hour day isn’t ever the Ideal, but I really don’t mind.

I get to sit on the train and read, watch catch-up TV, sleep, procrastinate, or simply stare out of the window, and being able to have that down time really is a blessing.

I like where I work in London too, we’re near London Bridge and a 5 minute walk from the delights that are offered up by Borough Market, I LOVE Borough market, actually I quite like Borough High street too, there’s such a wide range of yummy food options that lunch breaks could never get dull.

And the other thing I love? We sit at some desks in the same place as the test kitchen as one of my favourite food magazines. This means we get to try all sorts of yummy things, fresh from the oven. Today’s yummy offering was the tallest choccy cake I’ve seen in a while, and oh boy did it hit the spot in that afternoon lull!

It’s all about the food really!

And the commute? Well, why would I want to move when I live in such a lovely place already, I love it enough to take the pain of the travel to get to work. besides, I rather like my job and I’m not prepared to move on any time soon!

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